Personalized Fitness

Whether we choose kickboxing, pilates, yoga, cardio or weightlifting - I will combine the right equipment and exercises to find the best possible training for you. The aim is not only to increase your sense of well-being, but also to improve your health. 

                                HI-LO KICK FITNESS STUDIO

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Thursday

9:00am - 8:00pm

by appointment only



Hi-Lo Kick Studio is a small private, fitness studio catering to musician and artists in the Houston Community.


We provide multiple fitness modailities which include:



Cardio, Punching Bags and Grappling Dummies



Tradition, Barre and Stability Ball training


Weight Training

Barbells, KettleBells, Free weights ad Weighted Balls


Goth Yoga

A gentle blend of Hatha Yoga and Meditation to a spooky soundtrack



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